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Who we are

We are Creature Coffee

We love all creatures. In all their glorious shapes, sizes and colors. 

Creature Coffee is a small-batch coffee roaster based in Austin, Texas. We were born during the pandemic of 2020 by a couple of guys looking for a way to bring something fun into an otherwise not so fun year.

You see, we love sharing specialty coffee with people. Introducing someone to the best cup of coffee they’ve ever tasted makes us smile a big smile. Not that commercially-roasted, mass-produced stuff that’s been sat on the store shelves, going stale. We mean high quality specialty coffee. Fresh out the roaster beans that are mouth-wateringly delicious, sourced from some super skilled farmer dudes on the other side of the world growing some insanely tasty coffee varietals. We want to share their fruits, and their story with you. And maybe possibly, we’ll share a smile or two along the way. 

When we started Creature Coffee, we started it with one mission in mind. To source and roast exceptional coffee while staying honest, approachable, and fun. We will source some of the best coffees in the world, and we will roast them to whimsical perfection, yes. But we wanted to do it in a non-traditional, not-so-samsie kinda way. Serious coffee, but in a totally unserious way. 


With each decision that we make, we stand by these values:
Choose quality.
Do better every day.
Be curious. Learn and share. 
Love our planet.
Love all people. 
Be open and direct. 
Have fun!