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Coffee Membership Questions

coffee membership is the most convenient way to buy coffee. Sign up online and we'll deliver freshly-roasted coffee beans to your door when you need it.

With our coffee memberships you can choose your preferred taste profile. Do you want to go EASY or are your looking for something a little more PLAYFUL?

Then you can choose how often you'd like your coffee roasted, shipped and delivered to your door. Once a week, every two weeks, or every 4 weeks. You can always adjust this frequency at any time, by logging into your account.

We roast quality single-origin coffee from around the globe, constantly finding new and delicious varieties to keep your palate fresh and excited. Expect a rotation of our very best arriving at your doorstep.

We roast your coffee for your order, then bag it and ship it within 24 hours. This means you'll get your coffee at the peak of its freshness. No stale coffee lurking on our shelves!

We'll email you a tracking number when it's on it's way. Check out your coffee on our website and you'll also learn about the farm/cooperative, your roaster and even tips on how to brew your coffee.

We do the hard work, on repeat. You simply brew and enjoy!

We only deal in fresh coffee beans here! During the pandemic, we roast coffee once a week, all day Monday, and ship it out on Tuesday.

We will email your USPS tracking number once it has been processed at the Post Office in Austin (allow 24 hours for the tracking to update correctly). Expect your beans to arrive by Friday at the latest. Occasionally, it arrives a little earlier, and sometimes a day late.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee beans aren't actually very good for the first few days after roasting. Flavors don't start to develop until at least the third/fourth day. We find that our schedule delivers coffee to the customer just in time for peak freshness.

We currently offer two memberships - Easy & Playful

All our coffees are great for all brew methods. Both memberships offer the same amount of single-origin coffee (12oz bags) and both offer coffees that have been sourced and roasted by the Creature Coffee team. The difference is in the taste, and the price!

Easy Membership is a little more oldskool - nutty, bold and big bodied, dark chocolatey. These coffees are real crowd-pleasers, loved by everyone. These coffees are best version of the coffee you grew up on. You know, coffee coffee! Nothing too crazy, nothing out of the norm. Just delicious coffee that everyone can enjoy.

Meanwhile, the Playful Membership supplies coffee beans that taste a little bit different. These beans have nuances of fruits and teas or floral attributes. They're complex and intriguing. The may have interesting coffee varietals, or processing techniques to produce interesting new tastes. This membership costs a little more, as we pay the farmer a little more for their craft.

Both options are fantastic. It's really just a matter of your personal taste preference. You can always try one out, then switch over and try the other.

Shipping questions

We don't do stale coffee at Creature Coffee. We think you deserve to brew your beans when they're at their freshest and tastiest.

If you've purchased a bag of coffee before Sunday midnight, your order will be added to the next scheduled roast date - currently Monday morning. Then your beans will be packaged into one of our cute little bags, and shipped out on Tuesday via USPS.

Depending on the shipping selected, and your location, delivery could take from 1 day to 4 days at the very most.

Roast schedule

1. Order before Sunday midnight
2. We roast your beans Monday
3. We ship your beans Tuesday
4. You receive your beans Wednesday to Friday

If you purchased brew gear or merch, we aim to ship your products within 24 hours of purchase - weekdays.

If you purchased brew gear or merch with coffee, we aim to ship your products once your coffee has been roasted. If we receive your order before Sunday midnight, we'll roast on Monday, ship all your items on Tuesday, arriving between Wednesday and Friday (depending on location and shipping service selected).

If you purchased coffee, check out the 'Where's my coffee?' tab just above this.

We're trying our best...

We're not perfect but we're trying to do our best for Mother Earth.

Our coffee bags and their stickers are biodegradable. Yep, even the tin tie and the valve.

Our shipping bags and boxes are made from 100% recycled products, our thick kraft shipping bags can be composted and are biodegradable.

Our tape and shipping labels are all biodegradable too.

We partner with Ecology and EcoEnclose to make this happen. They are wonderful humans pushing boundaries to make a more sustainable future.

All these things cost us more and do eat up our profits. But we think it's worth it.

We only select beans from the best coffee growing farmers and cooperatives, in the best coffee growing regions on this planet.

Specialty coffee equates to 3% of the worlds coffee production, and thats what we specialize in. The best quality coffees taste the best.

We work with ethical importers who only work with farms producing specialty grade coffee, and who meet their strict criteria in sustainable farming procedures.

They work closely with the farmers to help them get higher prices for their craft, which in turn helps their communities grow. It only seems fair that we pay much more than the FairTrade price for our beans. After all, it's some of the best coffee on the planet.

We know where our coffee was grown, who it was grown and processed by, and that they are getting paid well for their fruits. Each coffee has a story, and love sharing that with you.

Our coffees are usually sourced from small lots. So when they're gone, we'll have to wait for the next harvest to enjoy them again. Depending on the country, harvests only happen once or twice a year.

We sample many coffees every week, continually searching the next best coffee to share with you. This really is a labor of love, and something we're proud to share with you. Let us know if you have any questions, we're more than happy to talk coffee with you!

Where can I buy Creature Coffee?

You can buy coffee beans via this website. We'll roast your order and ship it direct to your door.

We're also featured online at the amazing Texas Coffee Club. When you order here, we'll also fresh roast your order and ship it to your door.

Prefer to pick up your beans in person? We're working on a few exciting partnerships and you'll soon be able to buy Creature Coffee at a variety of different coffee shops in the US.

Currently, our Austin friends can find our freshly roasted coffee at Native Hostel & Bar.