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Hario V60 Brew Guide


About the Hario V60

The Hario V60 is the perfect pour over coffee brewer, both elegant in design and beautiful to brew with. Cone shaped and boasting spiral ribs, it produces a clean and sweet cup of coffee in around three minutes. This neat little guy comes in ceramic, glass, plastic and copper.

pouring coffee grinds into a hario v60 for the perfect brew by an expert

Brew Essentials

Coffee: 21g fresh-roasted beans (4 tbsp)
Grind: medium
Water: 360g (12 oz) @ 205F
Brew time: 3m
Serves: 12 oz of coffee (1 cup)


Brew Equipment

Hario V60
Burr grinder
Digital kitchen scale (recommended)
Thermometer (preferred)
how to do the perfect pour over with a hario v60 from an expert barista

Water Prep

1. Heat your fresh, filtered water to 205F (just off boil)

2. Fold your filter along the seem and place into the V60. Place the V60 on top of your carafe or mug.

3. Rinse with hot water to eliminate the paper flavor and to heat your carafe/mug. Discard the water.


Coffee Prep

1. Weigh 21 grams of coffee and grind to the size of kosher salt (medium).

2. Add the coffee grounds to the V60. Shake gently so the grounds appear level.


Ready to brew coffee with your Hario V60?

Place the V60 and carafe/mug on top of your digital scales.

Tare to 0.


The Perfect Pour Over

Use continual circular motions, starting in the centre, working your way to the edge of the coffee and then back in. Try not to pour water onto the filter itself.

Start your timer.

0- 15s:Pour 50g of water evenly over your coffee grounds.

15s – 30s: Enjoy the bloom as it expands and bubbles. Yum!

30s – 3m: Pour the remaining water every 10 – 15 seconds as required, until you reach 360g of water in total.


Serve and Enjoy

Remove the Hario V60 and serve in a warm mug/cup. You should have about 10 – 12 oz of coffee. Enjoy!

Take your filter and grounds out of the V60 and let it drain into the sink. Compost if possible. Clean with hot water.

 hario v60 pour over brew from an expert


Tastes too weak or sour? Water drained out too quick? Grind your coffee a little finer.

Tastes too strong so bitter? Water didn’t drain out in time? Grind your coffee a little coarser.

We prefer a coffee:water ratio of 1:17 but you may prefer a 1:16. There’s no right or wrong, it’s all about your personal preferences. Tweak this recipe to your liking and find your coffee’s sweet spot.

Not seeing the bubbles on your bloom? You need some fresh-roasted coffee. Coffee is best within 14 days of the roast date.