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Clever Dripper Brew Guide


About the Clever Dripper

An easy to use pour over brewer, the Clever Dripper produces a sweetly delicate cup of coffee. User friendly and easy to get right, the Clever always produces the goods. Light and transportable, it can be brewed anywhere. Even at your parents house! We like very much.

how to use a clever dripper

Brew Essentials

Coffee: 22g fresh-roasted beans (4-5 tbsp)
Grind: medium/fine
Water: 360g (12 oz) @ 200F
Brew time: 4m
Serves: 12 oz of coffee (1 cup)


Brew Equipment

Clever Dripper
Burr grinder
Digital kitchen scale (recommended)
Thermometer (preferred)

coffee pour over technique

Water Prep

1. Heat your fresh, filtered water to 200F (just off boil).

2. Fold the bottom and side seams of your filter and place in your Clever Dripper.

3. Pour warm water over your filter to eliminate any paper taste and warm your vessel. Discard the water.


Coffee Prep

1. Weigh your coffee to 22 grams and grind to a medium-to-fine size.

2. Pour your ground coffee into the filter. Gently shake so it’s level.


Ready To Brew with your Clever Dripper?

Place your Clever Dripper onto your digital kitchen scales.

Tare to 0.


Making The Perfect Pour Over

Use continual circular motions, starting in the centre, working your way to the edge of the coffee and then back in. Try not to pour water onto the filter itself.

Start your timer.

0- 30 seconds: Pour 85g of water evenly over your coffee grounds. Stir. Watch the bloom in all it’s bubbling beauty.

30 – 60 seconds:Pour the remaining 275g of water (total weight = 360g). Stir.

1 – 2 minutes: Place the lid on top of the Clever. Wait.

2 – 4 minutes: Place the dripper on top of your cup and let the coffee drain for the full 2 minutes.


Serve and Enjoy

Remove your Clever Dripper when the clock hits 4 minutes. Most of the water should have drained through. Swirl and serve immediately. Enjoy.

Discard the filter and grounds, compost if possible. Clean your Clever with hot water.

 serving coffee from a pour over clever dripper


Tastes too weak or sour? Grind your coffee a little finer.

Tastes too strong so bitter? Grind your coffee a little coarser.

Water drained out too quick? Grind your coffee a little finer.
Water didn’t drain out in time? Grind your coffee a little coarser.

Each coffee has it’s own unique characteristics and sweet spot. Experiment further by tweaking your coffee:water ratio.