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Chemex Brew Guide


About Chemex

Vintage, pretty and Instagram friendly, the Chemex yields a delicate and nuanced coffee. However there’s little room for error so it demands a high level of care and attention during the brewing process. Try exploring different grind sizes, brew times, and pouring techniques to find the perfect recipe for your coffee beans.


perfect pour over coffee with a chemex

Brew Essentials

Coffee: 42g fresh-roasted beans (8 tbsp)
Grind: medium/coarse
Water: 700g (24 oz) @ 200F
Brew time: 3m 30s to 4m
Serves: 20oz of coffee (3 cups)


Brew Equipement

Chemex (8 cup)
Chemex filter – square or cone, white recommended
Burr grinder
Digital kitchen scale (recommended)
Thermometer (preferred)

how to pour a perfect pour over with a chemex

Water Prep

1. Heat your water to 200F (just off boil).

2. Unfold your filter and place in your Chemex. If using the square filters, the triple-fold side should be facing the spout.

3. Clean your filter with warm water. Let it warm up your Chemex and then discard.


Coffee Prep

1. Weigh 42 grams of coffee and grind to the size of sea salt (medium/coarse).

2. Pour your ground coffee into the filter and gently shake it so it’s level.


Ready to Brew Coffee with Your Chemex?

Place your Chemex on top of your digital scales.

Tare to 0.


The Best Chemex Pour Over

Use continual circular motions, starting in the centre, working your way to the edge of the coffee and then back in. Try not to pour water onto the filter itself.

Start your timer

0 – 15s: Pour 150g of water over the coffee grounds.

15s – 45s: The 30 second bloom. Smell the delicious aroma as the coffee bubbles and moves.

0.45s – 2.30m: Pour 300g of water. Wait for it to drain enough for you to repeat. Pour the remaining 250g of water.

2.30m – 4m: Let the water drain through. You will have a 700g yield in total.


Serve and Enjoy

Your Chemex should be filled up to near the nipple on the front (approximately 20 oz of brewed coffee).

Take your filter out and let it drain into the sink. Discard appropriately.
Swirl your Chemex gently, and serve. As your coffee gradually cools, enjoy the evolving flavors.


multiple chemex pour over coffees


If the brew was too fast or your coffee tasted weak, try using a finer grind.

If the brew was too slow or your coffee tasted too strong, try using a coarser grind