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Auto Drip Coffee Machine Brew Guide


About the Auto-Drip Coffee Maker

The staple of any American kitchen. The auto-drip machine has made brewing coffee convenient and easy to the masses. Whether you like them or not, here’s the lowdown on how to get the best cup of coffee possible out of a drip brewer. Our advice is simple, use fresh-roasted beans and use the correct coffee to water ratio. If you’re in the market to purchase a drip brewer – check out the SCAA certified list.

how to make the best coffee with a drip coffee maker

Brew Essentials

Coffee: 70g fresh-roasted beans (14 tbsp)
Grind: medium
Water: 34 oz (8 cups line on your carafe)
Brew time: Variable
Serves: 34oz of coffee (4-6 cups)


Brew Equipment

Drip brewer/machine
Burr grinder
Digital kitchen scale (recommended)


Water Prep

1. Preheat your pot with hot water. Discard water.

2. Rinse your filter with water to eliminate any paper taste. Place filter into the brew basket.

3. Fill back of brewer with 34oz of fresh, filtered water.

TOP TIP: Pre-boil your water in your kettle. Most auto-drip machines can’t brew at 195F for optimal coffee extraction, so giving it a helping hand will give you a better cup.


Coffee Prep

1. Weigh 70g of coffee and grind to a medium size.

2. Place your grounds into the filter evenly.


Ready to Brew Your Drip Coffee?

Just close the brewer and turn it on.


Serve and Enjoy

Remove your pot and switch off your brewer. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy.

To keep the rest of your coffee warm, transfer to a travel mug or thermos to avoid burning on the hot plate.

 how to brew the best cup of drip coffee according to an expert


Tastes too weak or sour? Grind your coffee a little finer or add some more coffee next time.

Tastes too strong or bitter? Grind your coffee a little coarser or use less coffee next time.

Each coffee has it’s own unique characteristics and sweet spot. Experiment further by tweaking the coffee:water ratio to just how you like it. Start at a 16:1 water to coffee ratio. For example, 16g of water for every 1g of coffee.