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Aeropress Brew Guide

About The Aeropress

The AeroPress as invented as a simple brewing tool. Coffee lovers have been creatively concocting a plethora of unique and outrageous recipes since. We like very much like.

The AeroPress is strong and versatile and can be brewed absolutely anywhere. Perfect for camping, on the road and at home. Producing a sweet and full bodied cup every time, we’re big fans.

what equipment do i need to use an aeropress

Aeropress Brew Essentials

Coffee: 20g fresh-roasted beans (4 tbsp)
Grind: fine/medium
Water: 280g (9.5 oz) @ 205F
Brew time: 2m 15s
Serves: 9 oz of coffee (1 cup)


Aeropress Brew Equipment

AeroPress filter
Burr grinder
Digital kitchen scale (recommended)
Thermometer (preferred)


how to use an aeropress

Water Prep

1. Heat your fresh, filtered water to 200F (just off boil)
2. Place your Aeropress filter into the basket and rinse with hot water.
3. Fix your basket to the bottom of your Aeropress and place on top of your mug/cup/vessel.


Coffee Prep

1. Weigh 20 grams of coffee and finely grind to the size of table salt (fine/medium).
2. Pour your ground coffee into the brew chamber and gently shake it so it’s level.


Ready to Brew

Place your Aeropress on top of your cup, and place onto your digital kitchen scale. Tare to 0.


The Aeropress Brewing Process

Start your timer.

0 – 10s: Pour 40 g of hot water into your Aeropress brewer, covering all your coffee grounds.

10s – 30s: Watch your fresh-roasted coffee bubble and bloom.

30s – 45s: Pour another 240g of water into the brewer – total water weight of 280g. Stir.

45s – 1m 45s: Place the pressure seal into the brewer at the top. Take off scale but don't plunge yet! Wait for one minute.

1m 45s – 2m 15s: Apply pressure with both hands and slowly plunge your coffee into your cup. Try to stop your plunge just before you hear the hiss at the bottom. This should take 30 seconds.


Serve and Enjoy

Swirl your coffee cup gently, and enjoy. As your coffee gradually cools, enjoy the evolving flavors.

Take your filter out and clean your 
AeroPress with warm water.

what does an aeropress coffee look like when it is finished


Too difficult to plunge? Make your grind a little coarser.
Too easy to plunge? Make your grind a little finer.

Tasting weak? Try 21g coffee with 280g water.
Tasting too strong? Try 19g coffee with 280g water.
Tasting bitter? Try to avoid the hiss at the end of the plunge, this extracts the bitter flavors from the beans.

Although the AeroPress can be adapted and creatively brewed in many different ways, try to keep brewing to approximately 2 – 2.5 minutes. Too long in the brewer will over-extract the coffee ending in a bitter taste.



The AeroPress is a lot of fun to experiment with. If you’ve mastered our recipe, we recommend experimenting with the inverted method (upside down technique). Or if you want to get really deep into the Aeropress brewing methodology, check out this Ultimate Guide to the Aeropress.

Brew, taste, tweak, repeat.

Every year, top AeroPress baristas battle it out for the perfect cup of coffee. If you’re feeling extra confident, try the recipes the pro’s are using.