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Guatemala + Ethiopia

Tasting Notes:

Chocolate mousse
Mixed Berries


Washed & Natural

Introducing Friend Blend, the heart and soul of Creature Coffee! This isn't just a coffee; it's a fist bump between a stalwart Guatemalan and a lively Ethiopian Natural. Think of it as a warm conversation between smooth chocolate tones and playful notes of mixed berries. The flavors come together in a sweet, harmonious song, without ever getting too complicated.

And just like a true friend, this blend is versatile and dependable - it shines in an espresso machine, brings joy to filter brewing, and makes a classic, unforgettable cold brew. Here's to Friend Blend, your new coffee buddy ready to bring smiles and giggles to your everyday cup.

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For us, it's all about the people. And this coffee has allowed us to combine the coffee growing expertise of multiple families from across the globe.

Like the decisions that we make each day of our lives that lead to the people who we are today, there are dozens of moments along the journey of a coffee bean that contribute to the flavor and aroma in your morning mug. From the soil and the water, the altitude and the days of sunshine, the drying and processing techniques, some would even say the music played across the farmland can change the taste of a green coffee bean.

And then, the coffee reaches our facility here in Austin where we play with temperature and time to find just the right roast to coax out the best possible flavor, like coaching a natural athlete to perform at their best.

This coffee came from our desire to create our ideal everyday drinker. One part comes from a small batch washed coffee from Guatemala, feeling smooth and velvety with dark chocolate vibes throughout. We married this with a vibrant and fruity Ethiopian natural coffee, bringing those stunning strawberry fruit flavors to the back of the sip, not overdoing it, but just the right amount!

This is truly our favorite coffee for daily drinking. It's precious to us, but not too precious to enjoy multiple cups each day. It makes a perfect shot of espresso, and it's equally obsessive on filter or cold brew.