Rio Negro, Costa Rica

Dark Chocolate
Graham Crackers
Easy Going

Producer: La Minita at Hacienda Rio Negro

Elevation: 1,100 - 1,250 MASL

Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Centroamericano H1, Obata

Process: Washed

Saddle up partner, this here is an instant classic. An old school favorite with a new school feel, this coffee hails from the Rio Negro region of Costa Rica. It's easy going and ideal for a relaxed afternoon, swinging in the backyard hammock.

Exceptional notes of rich dark chocolate and toothsome graham cracker will have you reminiscing about s'mores, campfires, and country music singalongs with your favorite friends.

Beyond delicious coffee, we care deeply for Mother Earth and the people involved in the process from start to finish. We're proud to partner with Hacienda Rio Negro as their ideals align symmetrically with our own. 

Located on the southern border of Costa Rica, just north of Panama, coffee was originally planted in the region back in 1949 by a Chinese immigrant called Mr. Luis Wachong Lee. He managed the farm until the early 90's, but it's now operated by our friends at La Minita who took over in 2006.

La Minita does their part to maintain a healthy geography by reserving around half of their land for natural forest reserve and reforestation. On the farm, they employ a one in three pruning system to maintain the consistent health and productivity of the coffee trees. 

As for the people, this is where they really shine in our eyes. They employ around 50 full time workers and many more seasonal farmers and pickers during harvest season. La Minita contributes to a matching saving fund for each of their workers and offer low cost loans to assist workers in need. In addition, their workers have an association called ASECATTICA that organizes an at-cost commissary for major staple items, trips, and even soccer teams.

Further, and perhaps one of the more incredible things that we've seen, the operate a medical clinic located right there on the farm. A doctor staffs the clinic twice each week to administer needs of the workers and their families. They also have a dentist on the farm three days a week. And as if this wasn't amazing enough, the have built a day care for children aged 2 to 11 and they support the local school with supplies and uniforms for the children of farm workers.

It makes us incredibly proud to work with a farm that cares so much about the land and their workers. And it doesn't hurt that their coffee is insanely delicious.