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Costa Rica - La Minita Estate

Golden raisin

Process: Washed

Bean Variety:  Caturra

Producer: Cattica / La Minita

Region: Tarrazu

Altitude: 1,300 - 1,800 MASL

Minita Magic is here to cast a spell on your coffee moments! ✨ Dive straight into a symphony of golden raisins, dance with honeydew notes, and float down to a velvety finish. All the way from the sun-kissed heights of Tarrazu, La Minita crafts the dream brew: full-bodied, brilliantly acidic, and impeccably balanced. It's not just coffee; it's pure elegance in a cup. Get ready to be enchanted! 🪄☕


Introducing... Minita Magic! Brewed with love, pride, and a dash of Costa Rican sunshine. ☀️☕

Nestled amidst the vibrant landscapes of Tarrazu lies the legendary Hacienda La Minita. Back in 1985, Bill McAlpin embarked on an enchanting quest: to create coffee that was more than just a drink, but a luxurious experience. La Minita swiftly turned that dream into the gold standard for coffee excellence, becoming synonymous with the word quality. 🌟🍯

Now, let's sprinkle some of that Creature Coffee charm! 🎩✨ From golden raisins to the gentle hum of honeydew, and a finale of a velvety finish, every sip is a dance of flavors. And behind every bean is a story of dedication: from soil testing twice a year to ensure Mother Earth's happiness 🌱, to a 300-acre forest reserve standing tall as a beacon of nature's splendor 🌲. La Minita doesn't just make coffee; they create magic.

No herbicides or pesticides here! Just pure, clean, caffeinated bliss. Every bean is a testament to La Minita's unwavering commitment to our beautiful planet 🌍 and the incredible souls who craft this magic potion. Employees are cherished, communities uplifted, and every drop of water treated with respect. They're not just growing coffee; they're nurturing the future, one brew at a time.

And so, with a heart full of gratitude and a mug full of magic, we invite you to experience Minita Magic. A coffee that's not just tasted, but felt. Dive in and let the enchantment begin! 🌌🎉

la minita estate