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Jaguar Sun

Tastes Like:
Think of it as a tropical vacation for your mug. Zingy limes, honey dipped raspberries, and a sneak of milk chocolate from the hotel concierge.

Born in:
Costa Rica - Region Tarrazú
Altitude 1200 - 1750


Farmed by:
Smallholders & San Diego Mill

Caturra and Catuai

Jan - Mar '20

Before we get to the coffee, we want you to know that this coffee has a purpose. Our import partner, Genuine Origin, is working with an incredible organization called Fundazoo to help protect the diminishing Jaguar population in Costa Rica. Over the past century, the jaguar population has dropped from over 400,000 to under 14,000, but thanks to the large amount of protected land in Costa Rica, they are able to roam free and thrive within the country. This coffee excites us to know end as every pound of green coffee sold is contributing 20 cents towards Fundazoo's programs to help sustain these incredible creatures and keep them thriving.

And now, the coffee itself.

We really enjoy this one. As a part of our 'fun' series, it perfectly represents that melding of a classic, roasty, chocolatey coffee with that of a highly fruity, citrus forward coffee that you might find in our Fun selection. The key is that the coffee is honey processed. No, that doesn't actually mean that honey is used in any point of the processing. What it means is that some of the fruit from around the coffee bean itself is left on while they are sent to dry in the warm sun. This allows a touch of tropical sweetness to remain once the beans are finished and ready to roast.

Grown in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, at an elevation between 1,200 and 1,750 meters, the resulting coffee is full of bright acidity, highlighting the tropical notes of mango or guava that blends wonderfully with the natural notes of warm chocolate and burnt orange peels.

Enjoy this coffee with breakfast, but perhaps more so with dessert as it is an absolutely killer pairing with a piece of chocolate cake or a creamy fruit tart.