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Catracho Cowboy

  • A good ol' cup of joe. Oldskool coffee, but in a newskool kinda way. Big, bold, with a creamy body. Quality dark roast, no char. Yeehaw.

    Born in Honduras at over 1,200 meters above sea level. This coffee stuns us with its cool, complex character.

    This coffee is a member of our easy collection of coffee beans. Full bodied and bursting with classic flavors. Easy, everyday drinking coffee. Nothing crazy, nothing newfangled and bizarre, just the best version of the greatest drink in the world.

    *We currently roast coffee on Mondays & ship on Tuesdays.
    Orders placed before 8pm on Sunday are shipped that Tuesday, orders placed after 8pm Sunday or throughout the week are shipped the following Tuesday. Fresh beans are better than fast beans!*

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