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Ethiopia - Sidama

Peach milkshake
Lemon candy

Process: Natural

Farmed by: Basha Bekele & his family

Altitude: 1,950 - 2,000 MASL

Varietal: "74160" Ethiopia Heirloom

Dive into a vibrant cup bursting with peach milkshake vibes and tantalizing lemon candy twirls! 🍑🍋 Grown with love on the slopes of Bombe mountain by Basha, a young, second-gen coffee maestro. Every sip is a juicy journey from the heart of Sidama's forests to your mug. Experience Ethiopia's coffee magic, redefined. 🌲✨☕ Grab a bag and taste the story!

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Journey with us to the verdant valleys of Sidama, where tales of coffee and age-old traditions intertwine. Here, amidst the shade of native trees and whispers of ancient forests, grows the heart of our Brother Basha Ethiopian Natural coffee. 🌳✨

Enter Basha, a spirited young coffee maestro walking in the footsteps of generations past. With the delicate hum of peach milkshake melodies and zesty bursts of lemon candy, his beans dance to a rhythm all their own. 🍋🎶 This isn't just coffee; it's a testament to the land, love, and legacy of Bensa's Bombe mountain.

Basha's tale is more than just bean to brew. It's about hand-picking cherries with precision, allowing them a month-long sunbath on raised beds, and a long, contemplative fermentation that lets every bean find its voice. And when these beans speak, they sing praises of the wild 74160 variety, known for its enchanting citrus and floral notes, painting portraits of Western Ethiopia's lush landscapes.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Partnering with our friends Falcon, a specialty green coffee trader, there's a symphony of support, ensuring Basha and his fellow farmers craft coffee with the passion and expertise it deserves. From training sessions with expert agronomists to sustaining environmentally-conscious methods, the focus is as much on nurturing the bean as it is on cherishing the hands that tend to it.

So, dear coffee lover, every cup of Brother Basha isn't just a caffeine fix. It's a sip into stories untold, an embrace of the Sidama spirit, and an ode to the artisanal soul of Ethiopia. Dive deep, sip slow, and let the whimsical waves of Brother Basha's brew sweep you off your feet! 🌊☕🎉