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Hambela, Guji, Ethiopia

Strawberry Lemonade.

Producer:  Desta Dukale

Elevation:  2,200 - 2,400 MASL

Varietals: JARC 74110

Process:  Natural

Desta Dukale’s farm sits high up in the mountains of Guji, Ethiopia. Really, really high up at and above 2,200 meters. This means his coffee is quite literally squeezed full of flavor as it is forced to stay warm and juicy at such elevations. Distinct from its notable neighbors, this coffee bursts with complex acidity and a velvety sweetness reminiscent of fruit juice. A truly golden cup, Oro Goro is one to keep a smile on your face and help you forget that the sun sets earlier these days. 

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My oh my, have you stumbled across something beautiful.

If you're a lover of fruit forward, playful coffees, well, you've just stumbled upon something that might just become your favorite. 

This coffee combines all of the great things that build a beautiful coffee. First of all, it is farmed by a wonderful person called Desta Dukale who cares about his coffee and cares about his environment of Guji, Ethiopia. 

His tiny, 10 acre farm is perched at over 2,200 meters above sea level, looking out at the thrilling landscape. The significance of a high altitude farm is that the higher a fruit grows, the denser and sweeter the pulp becomes due to the chilly nights.

But no, it doesn't stop there! Desta hand picks the coffee cherries, floating them in water which allows him to pick out any over or underripe fruit, and then dries them in raised beds for 21 days, raking them by hand to be sure it dries perfectly.

Ethiopia, and the Guji region in particular, have become known for their exceptional coffee over the past decade and this is one of the finer examples that we've had the opportunity to roast here at Creature. We hope you dig it as much as we do!