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Jaguar Sun

  • Think of it as a tropical vacation for your mug. Zingy limes, honey-dipped raspberries, and a sneak of milk chocolate from the hotel concierge.

    Born on a Costa Rican hillside, this coffee rides that fine line between classic and complex.

    This coffee is a member of our playful collection, perfect for the coffee connoisseur that wants their coffee to taste a little different. Think fruity, floral, even tropical if you will. The characteristic dark chocolate and roast of coffee is just a canvas. Flavors of ripe, bright fruit, subtle mountain teas, or sweet, luxurious desserts are what find their way into the forefront, showcasing just how incredible coffee can be.

    *We currently roast coffee on Mondays & ship on Tuesdays.
    Orders placed before 8pm on Sunday are shipped that Tuesday, orders placed after 8pm Sunday or throughout the week are shipped the following Tuesday. Fresh beans are better than fast beans!*

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