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ANDES 3000

Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia

Dried Plums
Brown Sugar

Producer: La Casiana

Elevation:1730-1810 MASL

Varietals:Castillo and Colombia

Process: Fully Washed & Sun-Dried

No need to ask your neighbor to lend you some sugar as Andes 3000 is perfect as is. Easy enough to be a daily drinker while fun and playful enough to keep your morning ritual exciting, invigorating, and always enriching.

Notes of dried plums and brown sugar on the tip of your tongue balance perfectly with the apple crispness in the finish. We hope we can enjoy this coffee together forever. Forever ever. Forever ever?

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For us, it's really about the people, and this coffee comes from some really, really good people.

This coffee excites us aplenty and for several reasons. For one, it comes from a place that one of the members of our team (who happens to be the member that writes the copy for the website) has had the opportunity to visit—Jardin. In fact, the photos here are straight from his iPhone, even the one right here of coffee beans drying in the sun beside an old, worn door. Oh what a site!

Jardin is a stunning town known for their colorful square, their incredible coffee, and their wonderful people. La Casiana, where Andes 3000 was born, has been dedicated to the growth and harvest of superb coffee for three generations.

Three generations of coffee growers all convinced that it is their duty to hand over land that is better than they received. Three generations committed to sustainability. And now, their newest generation committed to the Rainforest standard.

La Casiana is known for soft, washed coffees that maintain a brilliant acidity, round balanced body, and aromas that can wrap you up like a warm blanket on a cold day in the Andes.